University Preparation

University preparation is headed up by the Guidance office, who are committed to supporting each student as they identify and develop their interests and strengths and explore their post-secondary options.

Our students have an exciting range of possibilities thanks to the distinctive education they receive at the LFT. With 100% university attendance (75% in English language universities) and French BAC scores well above the average, our students are more than ready to thrive at top universities in Canada, the United States, France and internationally. Moreover, due to the rigor of the French Baccalaureate and the academic calibre of our students, numerous Canadian universities and institutions abroad have offered substantial number of scholarships to our students. Our students have been recipients of the prestigious Schulich Scholarship, Queen’s University Chancellor Scholarship, the University of Toronto Scholars Scholarship and the University of Toronto’s President’s Scholars of Excellence.  

Download the full list of universities that have accepted our students over the past 5 years.

Our Top Schools

Canada – Ontario Canada
France USA UK Others
University of Toronto McGill, Montreal Sciences-Po Paris Columbia University London School of Economics HEC Lausanne, Switzerland
University of Waterloo University of British Columbia Prépa Grandes Écoles Cornell University University College of London American University of Beirut, Lebanon
Queen’s University Dalhousie University Université Paris Dauphine Harvard University University of Edinburgh IE University, Spain

At LFT, we work to educate all students about their post-BAC options. We provide special expertise in the French, American, British, and Canadian application processes. Each student in Grade 11 and 12 is encouraged to meet regularly with the University Counsellor.  Download our School Profile

English language requirements for Admission to English Canadian Universities

Students who have been studying in North-America for the last three years are not required to sit for any English language exam. It is however best to consult the universities’ websites.  The LFT offers classes to help students prepare for the TOEFL exam. A few options are available.  For the TOEFL, English North American Universities usually require a minimum score between 90 and 100. For the IELTS, English North American Universities usually require a minimum score between 6.5 and 7.5 on the Academic IELTS.

SAT and SAT Subject Tests

Students applying in the US and the UK usually have to write the SAT and sometimes one or two SAT subject tests before December of Grade 12. For practice purposes, students may write the PSAT directly at LFT in October of Grade 11.  Our school offers classes to help students prepare for this exam.

SAT Results

Reading, Mathematics and Writing Scores

Class Lowest MEAN Highest Lowest MEAN Highest Lowest MEAN Highest
2010 650 693 750 610 717 800 600 657 740
2011 500 590 680 630 685 740 530 600 670
2012 570 627 660 600 643 680 560 627 670
2013 580 637 680 620 670 740 600 640 670
2014 570 663 760 610 660 780 580 625 650
2015 610 620 630 620 650 690 590 627 660
2016 610 690 800 480 570 620 570 630 680

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Carrie Ngo, University Counsellor
Available for appointments Monday to Thursday, 8:30am to 6pm +1 (416) 924-1789 Ext.232

Deborah Lambie, Coordinator for English and OIB (International Option of the BAC)

Mark Finkelstein, English teacher responsible for the TOEFL and SAT preparation

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