Before & After School Daycare

Before and After School care is offered with daycare service for pre-school to students from Pre-K to Grade 5.

Students from Pre-K to Grade 5 can receive daycare service before school from 8am to 8.45am, after classes and break time, from 3.15 to 6pm, and from 4.30 to 6 pm after the study hall service.

You can choose to register your child for daycare either one term at a time or for the whole school year.

Please note that occasional enrollments to daycare service can be provided in order to assist families but only once the “Vie Scolaire” office has been consulted.

Study Hall

The LFT offers a study hall service for students from Grade 1 to Grade 7 . Students enrolled in the Study Hall service will be able to do their homework under the supervision of a French-speaking supervisor or teacher. This service will help them overcome any difficulties encountered while studying at home; it will also help them become more autonomous and acquire good study habits.

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