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Books and supplies for 2017-2018

LFT offers you for 2017 a new  method for the purchase of school supplies. To make easier the purchases of school books and stationery supplies at the best possible price and with a simplified method of payment, a site web was developed to order textbooks and necessary school supplies. Prices in Canadian dollars include taxes, customs clearance, transport and transactional expenses.

If you need the list of textbooks and supplies or more information, please contact us at

School supplies for Kindergarten

List of items for school year 2017-2018 :

Classe de Petite Section / Pre-K
Classes de Moyenne et Grande Section / JK and SK


Uniform with LFT logo is mandatory. It can be purchased online at

White polo for field trips : PK to Grade 5
Blue T-Shirt for sports : Grade 1 to 12
Blue Hoodies for sports : Grade 6 to 12

Delivery at LFT is an option, please call Inschoolwear for details.


Don’t forget to label all you child(ren) books and supplies. You will support the APA (Parents Association) in contacting Mabelslabels

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