The language program at the LFT

French education abroad is a multilingual and multicultural education.
From kindergarten to high school students learn new languages and are introduced to multiple cultures.
Each student has the opportunity to choose a language program that is best suited to his or her personal goals.

The American International Section and the International Option of the French Baccalaureate (OIB)

At the primary level (pre-kindergarten – grade 5) students improve their command of the French and English languages.  From grade 1 (CP) onwards this language program is reinforced by the American International Section.

From grades 6 to 12 (sixième to terminale) our students can continue their multilingual program in the American international section and present this option at the Baccalaureate (International Option – OIB).

Recognized as a program of excellence by universities around the world, the OIB is a major asset for our students wishing to pursue their higher education abroad.

Language discovery – 4 languages

In grades 4 and 5 (CM1 and CM2) students discover a new language and culture every semester:  Spanish, Mandarin, Italian and German.

This introduction to each of these languages allows them to make an enlightened choice of a compulsory foreign language in grade 6 (sixième), and possibly another optional one in grade 10 (seconde).

French as the language of instruction

With more than 30 nationalities represented at the LFT, French is not always the first language of our students.  Upon the recommendation of the teaching staff, students receive an enriched program in French implemented by our specialized teacher in order to support them and enhance their academic success.

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