High School French Curriculum

High School covers Grade 10 through 12. These years prepare students for the French Baccalauréat, recognized by top universities throughout the world.


With three years to prepare for the French Baccalauréat, our high school students learn autonomy and take the classes necessary to prepare them for the final Bac exams. Grade 10 (Seconde) students is a common education year where all LFT students study the same courses. Then in Grade 11 (Première) and Grade 12 (Terminale), students specialize into the BAC stream of their choice. The LFT currently offers two options of academic concentration: Scientific (S):  Concentration in mathematics and science with extra specialization in mathematics, physics, chemistry, biology and natural sciences, and technology. Economics and Social Sciences (ES):  Concentration in economics, sociology, history and geography with specialization in economics, mathematics and languages. Classes in English (for an overview of our English program, click here) and a third language continue to play an important role. The weekly schedule for class time falls between 29 to 33 hours, with additional time added for studying.

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