Grade 6 - 9 French Middle School Curriculum

Middle School covers Grade 6 to 9. These are crucial learning years, where students build their skills and knowledge as they work towards the French Baccalauréat and Ontario High School program.

The curriculum set in middle school continues with an even greater emphasis on the French language. When students graduate they are completely fluent in French oral and written communications. In addition, classes in English (for an overview of our English program, click here) and a third language continue to play an important role, as well as Mathematics and Science.  At the end of grade 9 (3e) students write the Brevet exam which covers all the material learned in Middle School (collège). At LFT, the Middle School curriculum centers around 7 key pillars. These are our guiding principles that all teachers and parents believe in.  

During the Middle School years, students work their way towards:

1. Proficiency in French language Students gain an excellent understanding of the French language – reading, writing and speech.

2. Proficiency in a modern language (other than French) Students develop their 2nd language skills in reading, writing and speech.

3. Social & civic skills In all classes and activities, social and civic skills teach students how to thrive within our complex society. They gain an understanding of freedom and rules.

4. Basic knowledge in mathematics, science & technology In these classes students gain an understanding of our complex world. By studying chemistry and math they learn logic and reasoning.

5. Humanist culture Through history, geography, literature, arts and music, students acquire a sensibility that helps them form ideas and make decisions.

6. Proficiency in information & communication Students gain a deep understanding of the Internet and technologies that can help them develop their studies.

7. Autonomy & initiative All throughout LFT, students are encouraged to participate and be active members in their school community.

See how our students excelled at the Brevet

Results 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 2008-2013
Très Bien 3 2 6 5 10 11 37
Bien 6 5 5 9 10 17 52
Assez Bien 8 6 6 3 10 2 35
Passable 2 0 0 0 1 3 6
Total who wrote 19 13 17 17 31 33 130
Total who passed 19 13 17 17 31 33 130

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