APA Parents Association

The LFT Parents Association (APA) is setup as a community association for parents of the school. All LFT parents are members. The membership fee is part of tuition and helps the APA in its work supporting many school activities and enhancing the LFT sense of community.

Our main role is to represent the parent community at the Lycée Français Toronto and increase parents’ presence in school life and its main activities, thereby helping to build a positive school community.

Beyond existing popular events such as the Café Croissant, the Christmas Market, the Social Soirée, conferences and the Kermesse, the APA is also a member of the Conseil de Vie Lycéenne (CVL) which is the student-parent-teacher council, and it actively participates in the overall improvement of academic conditions offered to our children.

The APA has an active financial role to fund school field trips, graduations and general school equipment (basketball nets, picnic tables, benches, etc…) and is solely funded by your membership fees and any income resulting from its fundraising events.

The APA is a member of the Parent Association Federation of Foreign French Education Establishments: FAPEE- www.fapee.com.  

Donations and Activities

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