School Board 2019 – 2020

The school board at LFT is comprised of school leadership, teachers, students and parents.

Voting members

Mrs. Tiffany FUKUMA  – Embassy representative
Mr. Jean-Pierre FAOU – Head of School 
Mrs. Sylvie DELPECH – Primary School Principal
Mrs. Hélène BARRAIN- Staff Representative 
Mrs. Cécile DADY – Staff Representative
Mr. Stéphane DEKEUKELAERE – Staff Representative
Mrs. Magali NOUZARÈDE – Staff Representative 
Mrs. Audrey YVERNES Staff Representative

Ms. Pauline METZ –
Student Representative
Mr. Gaspard de MIERRY – Student Representative

Mrs. BIDERMAN Séverine –  Parents’ Representative
Mrs. Lili-Naz HAZRATI – Parents’ Representative 
Mr. Nabil TAHANI – Parents’ Representative

Non-voting members

Mr. Tudor ALEXIS – Consul General of France in Toronto

Mr. François PAROYAN – Chairman of the Board of Directors
Mrs. Françoise BOUGAEFF – Secretary of the Board of Directors

Mr. Daniel BRIGNOLI – Conseiller consulaire
Mr. Marc CORMIER – Conseiller consulaire
Mr. Bruno LEBEAULT – Conseiller consulaire
Mrs. Francine WATKINS – Conseillère consulaire

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