What is the difference between French immersion, public Francophone schools and the LFT?

FRENCH IMMERSION programs are primarily for Anglophone children learning French as a second language. FRANCOPHONE SCHOOLS are operated by the francophone Ontario school boards and are reserved for children from francophone families. LFT presents a French curriculum that’s accredited by both the French government, and Ontario.  Except for English and 3rd language classes, all classes are instructed in French. But, unlike the public French schools, parents do not have to speak French for their children to attend the LFT.

Can I register my child if no one in the family is French-speaking?

Yes. All teachers and staff are fluent in at least English and French. A significant percentage of the students registered at the LFT come from Anglophone families who are seeking to weave a multicultural and multilingual perspective into their children’s education.

How can we help when no one at home speaks French?

It is the supportive attitude of the parents that ensures the success of the student, as well as the participation of the whole family in activities that reflect the French culture.

Do the teachers speak English to the children?

The teachers will speak English whenever s/he feels that the child needs to be comforted.  In Maternelle, the amount of English spoken generally decreases as the school year progresses. Typically there is very little English spoken in the classroom after December.

Where do the teachers come from?

Most of the LFT teachers are from France, have accreditation and diplomas from the French education system, and have taught in different countries prior to Toronto.  Our teaching staff reflects our school’s commitment to providing students and their families with a multicultural experience in a French environment.

What kind of French will the children learn?

The accent and expressions reflect the standard French language from France.

Do LFT students wear a uniform?

No.  The LFT does not have a uniform policy; this reflects the desire for students to express their individualism and the spirit of the public education system in France.

Does the school provide lunches?

Yes. Lunch is provided by Cuisine et Santé des Canadiens.

Does the Lycée provide school transportation?

Yes. Please see our convenient bus schedule.

What is the French Baccalauréat ?

A Baccalauréat is a diploma awarded by the French Ministry of National Education.  It marks the successful completion of secondary studies and opens the doors to higher education.  This comprehensive national exam covers all area of study.  Each exam contains a series of essays or problems on issues requiring a thorough analysis based on the knowledge acquired over the course of the final two years of Lycée education.

Will my children be prevented from attending Canadian and American universities and colleges if they only learn the French curriculum and only have the French baccalaureate?

The academic excellence of French Lycées is fully recognized by all universities across Canada and the USA. 75% of LFT graduates attend university in Canada including McGill, UofT, Queen’s and UBC. If our students attend a university or college in North-America most will receive some transfer credits and 100% will earn a full year credit at Quebec universities, getting their bachelor’s degree in 3 years instead of 4. Graduates of the LFT have also been accepted to top universities in the USA, the UK and France.

Can I choose which class my child is in?

No.  A team of teachers at the school determines classes, and decisions are made based on curriculum and education guidelines.

What should I do if I stop getting or have never received emails from the school?

Please contact us at communication@lft.ca  to confirm and update your email address(es) on file at the LFT.

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