Toronto’s only French Lycée

A Lycée provides an education based on the French national curriculum. From PK through to Grade 12, the school provides a challenging education leading to a French Baccalauréat.

A Lycée is a school that is part of the Agency for French Teaching Abroad network and teaches the curriculum from France.  The AEFE is a national public agency under the administration of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of France that assures the quality of schools teaching the French national curriculum outside of France. The AEFE network is comprised of 488 schools, or Lycées worldwide, with French as the primary language of instruction.  Some receive financial support from the French government. AEFE accredited institutions, such as the LFT, teach and live universal values of tolerance, humanism, equal opportunity, intellectual curiosity, and critical thinking. The following 7 competencies were established by the French Ministry of National Education, all students must be proficient in these 7 competencies by age 16:

  1. Command of the French language
  2. Proficiency in a modern language (other than French)
  3. Social & civic skills
  4. Basic knowledge in mathematics, science & technology
  5. Humanist culture
  6. Proficiency in information & communication
  7. Autonomy & initiative

The LFT complements the French curriculum with advanced English language and literature courses. The LFT also includes in the curriculum an in-depth study of Canadian history, geography and the economy. This dual approach to learning sets the LFT apart in academics, culture and social responsibility. Global Lycée Map

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