Extra-curricular extends learning beyond the classroom as it gives students an outlet to build strengths and interest. LFT offers activities that are academic, physical, artistic and team-oriented. 

Lycée Français Toronto - Athletics


Our students can participate in a number of sports including soccer, basketball, skiing, ice-skating, hockey and rugby.

Lycée Français Toronto School Clubs


An opportunity for students to explore their passions and work with fellow students outside the classroom setting.

Lycée Français Toronto School Field Trips

Field Trips

Takes the learning off campus, so students can experience life first hand. Through Classe Verte students get valuable outside time, whether it’s hiking or northern camping.

Lycée Français Toronto Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs

By being part of the AEFE network, students can visit, live and study abroad.

Lycée Français Toronto Arts & Culture Club

Arts & Culture

Our classes in music, performing arts and fine arts show our students the humanist side of education.


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