High School Student Exchange Program

LFT Lycée Student Exchange Programs

Exchange Programs give students the chance to experience a new culture first hand while still maintaining the same Lycée education. Whether travelling or hosting, exchange programs enrich our community with great diversity. By being part of the AEFE network, LFT students can easily transfer schools to other Lycées worldwide with zero interruption in their course of study. These are life-changing opportunities, where students get to experience life literally on the other side of the globe. Great friendships long lasting friendships are forged as students experience their studies from a different perspective and address. In addition to exchanges, each year, we welcome several students from Grade 10 to Grade 12 coming directly from France or from French schools in Spain, Italy or Mexico. These students board with LFT families and experience the best of LFT and Canada.

Exchanges for LFT students are possible and offerings are tailored year by year.

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