School Library (BCDI)

LFT Multi-Media School Library

The BCDI, “Bibliothèque Centre de Documentation et d’Information” (Library) of Lycée Français de Toronto, is a central place in the school that students from pre-K (TPS) to Grade 12 (Terminale) and staff members can use in a warm and calm environment.


Schedule and staff

Mrs. Frédérique Chiffaut, teacher in documentation, and the supervisor team welcome middle school and high school students from Monday to Friday 8am to 6pm.


The BCDI, a Resources centre

The BCDI is home of over 18 000 documents (books, magazines, DVDs…) not only in French and English but also in every language studied at the LFT.

The BCD space is adapted for kindergarten and primary school students and the CDI space for students from grade 6 to 12. Documents are available to students depending of student’s age and level of education.

10 computers with internet are available to secondary students for their researches and to access their workspace.

it is a relaxing space where students can read, do their homework, do internet researches for their school projects, practice programming… Reading encouragement is always a priority.

it is an educational space

  • From pre-K, students learn to have a respectful behavior to each other and to their surroundings.
  • From elementary school, we start learning how to research information for a school project, producing posters, learning vocabulary around the book and understanding the way documents are filed.
  • The teacher in documentation is often involved with the secondary school teachers to help with the Personalized Support (AP – Accompagnement Personnalisé), and Supervised Personal Work (TPE – Travaux Personnels Encadrés) for example.


The BCDI – Rules and Conditions

The BCDI is a quiet space to read and work alone or in a group setting. In order to enjoy the place the rules of use have to be followed.

In kindergarten, the students come with their teachers once a week.

In primary school, during recess and lunch time:

  • Students can come to the BCDI with a library pass given by the school yard monitor. The total number of passes is 15.
  • A proper behavior while in the BCD is expected : NO screaming, NO running!
  • Use the large bright bookmarks (“témoins”) to note where the book was taken from. If forgotten, the book needs to be placed in the cart by the entrance door.
  • Push the chairs back before leaving.

In middle school and high school:

  • Leave the backpacks on the shelves by the BCDI entrance door. Only take books, notebooks and pencils needed.
  • During study hours, only students authorized by the monitors will be allowed in the BCDI. Once in the room, the student has to ask permission to go to the washroom, go to their backpack or their locker for instance.
  • Work In a calm and quiet environment. Whispers only.
  • Avoid unnecessary trip to look for documents.
  • Put any document back in the right place (ask for help if needed).
  • Push the chairs back before leaving.

How to borrow ?

In kindergarten and primary school, students can borrow a book (or several depending on the grade) only when the class come with their teacher once a week. They can return their book anytime as long as they have a library pass. All books/documents have to be put in the blue box located on the librarian’s desk. The week before any school holidays, the students won’t be able to borrow any document.

In middle and high school, students can borrow up to 3 documents for as long as 3 weeks.

If an item is lost, we ask the family to replace or reimburse it.

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