Books, school supplies and uniform


Books and supplies for 2020-2021 

In order to facilitate the purchase and resale of your children’s textbooks, the LFT has this year opted for a local provider The Batner Bookstore. 

 You can order books and textbooks for next school year directly from their website, have them delivered to your home or pick them up at the bookstore located in Thornhill, Ontario. 

  • Back-to-school orders can be placed throughout the summer for a reception at the end of August. 
  • Book Exchange: The Batner Bookstore also offers the purchase and sale of used books. 

You will find below the lists : 

  • In black, the books that can be bought second-hand.
  • In red, Books or exercise books that cannot be bought second-hand.

Contact for any questions.


Primary School

Kindergarten :

Classe de Petite Section / Pre-K
Classe de Moyenne Section / JK
Classe de Grande Section / SK

Elementary :

Classe de CP / Grade 1
Classe de CE1 / Grade 2
Classe de CE2 / Grade 3
Classe de CM1 / Grade 4
Classe de CM2 / Grade 5

Secondary School

Middle School (Collège) :

Classe de 6ème / Grade 6
Classe de 5ème / Grade 7
Classe de 4ème / Grade 8
Classe de 3ème / Grade 9

High School (Lycée) :

Classe de 2nde / Grade 10
Classe de 1ère / Grade 11
Classe de Terminale / Grade 12  

Lab coat 


Uniform with LFT logo is mandatory. It can be purchased online at
(school code : lfdt)

White polo for field trips : PK to Grade 5
Blue T-Shirt for sports : Grade 1 to 12
Blue Hoodies for sports : Grade 6 to 12

Delivery at LFT is an option, please call Inschoolwear for details.



Don’t forget to label all you child(ren) books and supplies. You will support the APA (Parents Association) in contacting Mabelslabels