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Physical education aims to develop motor skills and to engage in physical activity, sports and artistic endeavors. Sports in schools contribute to promoting respect for ethical, educational and humanistic values. They play a decisive role in providing meaning to togetherness and community living. They make a strong contribution to students' health and the preservation of their physical integrity. They are key to the students' education as citizens. 

The LFT is a member of the Small School Athletic Federation (SSAF) and participates in indoor & outdoor soccer, basketball, track and field, cross-country running and badminton competitions. We maintain a competitive level and have won awards in badminton, track & field, cross-country and soccer tournaments. 

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Primary School

Students have two physical education sessions per week in English. Communication in English in a non-linguistic discipline reinforces classroom learning in a recreational context. 

Before and after school: 

Soccer, dance and ball hockey are offered as extracurricular activities. 

All our primary school students can also participate in track & field. This activity is offered free of charge two mornings a week from 8:00 am to 8:30 am by our primary school physical education teacher.

Secondary School 

Students receive compulsory physical education (EPS) for 2 to 4 hours a week, depending on the level. 

Physical education helps students acquire new perspectives on themselves and others, new motor skills and increased efficiency. Adolescents learn to:

  • Follow rules
  • Engage in projects
  • Take responsibility
  • Gain self-knowledge and self-preservation skills


Physical education is assessed for the Diplôme national du brevet – DNB (French middle school diploma) during the Grade 9 year (3ème). 

In Grade 12 (terminale) physical education assessment for the French baccalaureate is carried out by an in-class evaluation (CCF). The score on this mandatory test is the result of a comprehensive set of three tests using different skills.

The Sports Association

Fully integrated into the school program, the sports association participates in the promotion of school life and student success.

It offers students the opportunity to participate in one or more sports each week throughout the year. School sports are complementary to physical education learning. Every afternoon after 4:30, students can train in one of these sports:  soccer, acrobatics, rugby, dance, circus arts and track & field.

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