Encourage independence and commitment

During their four years in middle school, students learn to develop their abstract thinking and modeling skills in each subject. They also demonstrate their creativity through the production of personal works. In addition, collaborative problem solving work and project based learning enable students to develop cross-curricular skills as well as organization and autonomy.

In middle school, students are engaged in self-reflecting about their choice for further studies. They are assisted in doing so by the guidance counsellor and participate in a career fair and a discovery week during which they experience a professional environment.

The faculty, support staff and management team are all attentive to the development of each individual within a positive school climate where students can safely develop their independence and self-confidence. 

Being part of the LFT school community also means that our students respectfully share their school environment and develop a sense of responsibility, engagement and collaboration. Participation in student life is encouraged within the roles of class representatives and members of a variety of school councils (Conseil d'Établissement, CVC, CVL).

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Students entering middle school get used to a new organization and new routines. They adapt to a team of teachers that are all specialized in a different subject area.

In addition to the support provided by the teaching staff, students are also monitored by the Education counsellor, the university counsellor, the Secondary Director and the Head of School.

Parents can meet with teachers during scheduled parent-teachers night or anytime by appointment. They are regularly updated about their student’s academic progress via the Pronote software or during individual meeting.

At the end of Grade 9 (troisième), students take the French middle school exam (Brevet) at the LFT.  This national diploma certifies the acquisition of the standard skills and cultural knowledge. The end of middle school at the LFT naturally leads towards Grade 10 (seconde) of the high school (lycée). 


Middle school includes a Common Core of knowledge, skills and culture of subjects and electives that can be mandatory or optional.

The LFT offers a strong language program. Latin is offered as an optional course starting in grade 7 (cinquième).

The International American Section is open to French and English-speaking students who have a special interest in literature and appreciate a variety of learning methods . This section is optional and compatible with other electives.

Academic support is included in all the students’ timetable and Individualized Education Plans are put in place for all students who need them.

Language Program International American Section

Grade 6 (6ème)

Grade 6 (sixième) completes cycle 3 (consolidation), after Grade 4 (CM1) and 5 (CM2). This year allows students to adapt to the organization and framework of the college.

Grades 7 (5ème), 8 (4ème), and 9 (3ème)

Students develop their knowledge and skills in the various subjects while preparing for further training and their future active participation in our changing society.

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