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In secondary school, the LFT welcomes approximately 250 students of diverse nationalities. Per level, the secondary education in the French school system lasts for 7 years, from 6ème (Grade 6) to Terminale (Grade 12). Middle school, or collège, is from 6ème (Grade 6) to 3ème (Grade 9) and high school, or lycée, goes from Seconde (Grade 10), to Terminale (Grade 12). 

The main objective of the collège is to allow each student to acquire the knowledge and skills of the Common Core of Knowledge, Skills and Culture, and to prepare them for the future. Students take their first national exam (the Diplôme National du Brevet - DNB) at the end of 3ème (Grade 9).  

High school prepares for higher education. It offers diverse educational paths that encourage the expression of a variety of profiles and talents. 

The diploma awarded at the end of high school studies is the French baccalaureate. It is both the last milestone in secondary education and the first post-secondary degree, prerequisite for higher education.

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