Our Mission

From Pre-Kindergarten to Baccalauréat, the LFT offers an education of excellence in French to a multilingual student body that thrives in its diversity. 

We empower our students to become compassionate thinkers and innovators in an ever-changing world.

Our Vision

The LFT aspires to be an inclusive and innovative school, combining the rigor of the French curriculum with the richness of Canadian multiculturalism. 

We believe in a holistic and multilingual education supported by an engaged and forward-thinking community. 

Our Approach to Learning

Based on the French curriculum, our approach to teaching and learning focuses on in-depth instruction and multilingualism beginning in kindergarten.  

At every stage of their school life, our students develop their personal and social skills, further their intellectual curiosity through engaging projects, and deepen their knowledge in academic subjects.  

Our identitý and our learning philosophy are based on strong values:

  • Humanism
  • Critical mindset
  • Responsibility
  • Curiosity
  • Excellence for all

School Project 2023-2028

Our values
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