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The Parent Association APA is the umbrella organization for LFT parents; it is a key contact for the school in communication between parents and the school administration. By enrolling a child at LFT, each parent/guardian automatically becomes a member of the APA

With its international and multilingual team, the APA aims to enrich the LFT student experience and foster an effective partnership between parents/guardians, staff, administration and students. 

Its primary responsibilities are:

  • To represent the parent community
  • To gather information and act as a liaison between the school administration and parents (monthly meetings with the management team)
  • To coordinate the actions and facilitate the role of the parent representatives
  • To manage regular or ad hoc events (café croissants, school parties  etc.)

Contact : apa@lft.ca


Dedicated to the community

The LFT’s Parents Association (APA) plays an important role in the LFT community. It acts as the parents’ voice during administrative meetings and helps strengthen the community by organizing activities that link student life and the parent community.

Parent involvement and commitment are key to keeping our community thriving. Parent volunteers are essential to the success of many LFT programs and events. Volunteering on an occasional or recurring basis enriches the activities of the APA for the benefit of the students and the community; creating a bond between parents and contributing to the development of our school. 

Becoming a volunteer at the APA: getting involved according to your schedule and your passion 

Volunteering with the APA takes many forms:

  • Executive member - at least 1 meeting/month + a few hours/week
  • Active member - 1 meeting/month + a few hours/month
  • Ad hoc volunteer - depending on the availability of each person (one-time help during specific activities)

There are many ways to get involved and the volunteer opportunities are flexible, they allow you to give your time depending on your personal schedule.

Getting involved in school life in other ways  

Parents can get involved by being class representatives, representatives on the school council (conseil d’établissement), or administrators on the board of directors. It is with the commitment of each and every one of us that we contribute to the development of our school for the greater benefit of all students.

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Involvement and Events

Each year, many events are organized which have become an integral and enriching part of the LFT’s community life: 

  • Welcome barbecue before the start of the school year, winter party, end of year party
  • Coffee and croissants mornings and "Wine and Cheese" soirees
  • Sale of pains au chocolat (chocolate croissants)
  • Conferences 
  • Gently used school book sale, skate sale and exchange 
  • Etc.

The APA also contributes financially towards the purchase of equipment, in certain LFT activities and for school trips.

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