Ma Rentré

In order to facilitate the purchase and delivery of supplies, we are working with Ma Rentrée. Throughout the school year, you can order books and textbooks directly from their website and have them delivered to LFT. 

If you have any questions, please contact us by email: 


Book Exchanges and Labels

At the end of the school year, a book exchange is organized at the LFT (sale, purchase and exchange). 

Don't forget to label and mark all of your child's books and supplies. By ordering your labels from Mabels Label, you are supporting the APA (Parent Association).

Mabels labels

Sports Outfit

Wearing the LFT uniform is mandatory for some activities. 

  • The white polo shirt must be worn during school outings by students from preschool to Grade 5 (CM2 - the end of the primary school).
  • The blue t-shirt must be worn during physical education classes by students from Grades 1 (CP) to 12 (terminale).
  • The hoodie for physical education classes is only for students in Grades 6 (6ème) to 12 (terminale). 

Families place their orders directly with InSchoolwear. Orders can be delivered to the LFT by choosing the "standard shipping" option.

Inschoolwear (school code: lfdt)

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