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Pre-kindergarten at our school begins at age 2 ½.  This section of our school consists of petite section (pre-kindergarten), moyenne section (junior kindergarten) and grande section (senior kindergarten).

These 3 years play a unique and fundamental role in assuring the success of your child’s education. The program employs specific methods of instruction adapted to young children:  learning through play, reflecting, problem solving, practicing, remembering and memorizing.

The children learn togetherness: understanding the function of the school and developing themselves as individuals within a group. Each child build confidence in their own abilities to think, to learn and to succeed through activities. Our mission is to inspire the children, to instill them a willingness to learn while encouraging them to affirm and develop their personalities.

In each class, 2 French adult speakers ensure a high standard of french language learning.

3 specificities. A school adapted to young children. Specific learning methods. Learning togetherness.5 areas of learning. Communicating and developing language. Growing and moving. Developing artistic expression. Learning to structure one’s thoughts. Exploring the world.

french curriculum


The main objective of the kindergarten curriculum: to help each child to become independent and acquire knowledge and skills. A rich and structured oral language leads them to succeed in Grade 1 (CP).

The activities proposed to young children encourage and stimulate their language development and intellectual capacities on a cognitive, physical, social and emotional level:

  • Independence and identity (becoming a student)
  • Togetherness
  • Language and communication (oral, writing)
  • Discovery of the world (spatial and time references)
  • Awareness and motor skills (imagination, creation, perception, body language)

At the LFT our students learn to grow, to interact with others and are encouraged to express themselves through different methods of communication.

Starting in Pre-kindergarten the children receive daily instruction in English by native speaker teachers.

Thanks to the caring climate in our classes, the children develop self-confidence and respect for others. The kindergarten schedule respects their psychological rhythms and allows us to:

  • cover all the fundamental learning in French
  • reserve the necessary time to learn English
  • take into consideration the psychological needs of the child



The organization of the kindergarten classes encourages the child’s active participation. The classroom, the gym and the playground are places where the child can observe, explore, handle, reflect, imagine, use memory, create projects, test skills and develop motor skills.   

Activities stimulate the child’s curiosity and allow him or her to explore different areas of knowledge. Spontaneous activity and play are the methods children favour to learn about the real world: at our school these activities play an important role and the space and schedule are organized accordingly.

The kindergarten schedules require flexibility. However, the 5 areas of learning must be covered weekly. Listening, speaking and writing make up a large part of the learning activities. Motor skills, togetherness, discovery of the world and art are also present each day. 

Each child learns at their pace according to their maturity. A report about their learning is completed each term every year and a summary of acquired skills completed at the end of senior kindergarten. This summary reflects the knowledge of the child at the end of kindergarten.

Classes Weekly Organization Language Instruction


Junior kindergarten

Senior kindergarten

Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday

8:30 am – 11:30 am & 1:00 pm – 3:30 pm

30 min recesses in the morning and afternoon

3 hours of English per week

30 min of Drama

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