International Perspective

The American international sections are well established in the USA (9 schools) and in the rest of the world (26 elementary schools, 31 middle schools, 38 high schools). In Canada, the LFT is the only French school in the country that now offers this English-language and cultural program from Kindergarten to the French Baccalaureate. 

The international section provides schooling for French and non-French students who together benefit from not only a bilingual but also a bicultural education. In addition to a very thorough command of the language, this program offers our students a greater understanding of concepts thanks to the enriching contrast between French and North American perspectives on learning and assessment. 

This is a major asset for our students who are planning to pursue their studies in North America. The International Section is recognized as a program of academic excellence by the best North American universities. 

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In Primary School

The international section refers to the advanced English language and literature group (rather than the English Language Learning group - ELL). In addition to the 3 hours of weekly language instruction, primary school students benefit from 2 physical education sessions and 1 hour of Performing Arts in English.

In Middle School

Students enrolled in the International Section follow the same courses as other students at the same level except for:

  • A specific English language, culture and literature course. More than foreign language instruction, it features literary study in English, similarly to the way as literary French is studied.
  • History-geography is taught in English and French following the French curriculum from Grades 6 (6ème) to 8 (4ème) with specific instruction in North American and world history in Grade 9 (3ème).

In High School

The International French Baccalaureate (BFI) follows the path of international sections from CP to 2de.The BFI is an enriched curriculum open to students in all tracks with the aim of promoting a fully bilingual and bicultural education. The program consists of advanced-level studies in English and an integrated History-Geography course taught by French and Canadian faculty. The BFI is not a separate diploma, but rather a specialization within the framework of the French Baccalauréat.

French Baccalaureate

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