Olympiades de Biologie 2023

April 14, 2023 | admin

For its first participation in the Olympiades de Biologie, our 1ère students, speciality SVT, won a very impressive Bronze medal!

The project of Samantha, Stéphanie, Jolie, Evangeline and Similan was selected to represent the LFT among the 3 excellent works. Pierre Bechereau, their teacher: "I would like to thank all the students of the SVT speciality who were very motivated by the project from the beginning to the end. We all learned a lot about how to conduct a scientific research project and how to communicate it. I look forward to repeating the challenge and building on the experience in 2023-2024!" 

This contest is open to all high school students in France and in the AEFE network. In addition to developing a taste for science, it is an excellent exercise in preparation for the oral exam of the baccalaureate.  At a time when students are considering their future plans, it also highlights the close link between biology and the range of careers associated with it. The 2023 theme was: biodiversity in ecosystems, from micro to macro, from the abyss to the summit. 

Discover the 3 LFT students' projects on our YouTube channel and the winners in the AEFE network

Comment la température d’un milieu affecte-t-elle la transpiration d’une plante? (Projet présenté aux Olympiades)

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